With cells, people took sense that they were church

Father Michael Hurley, a parish priest in Leixlip, in the outskirts of Dublin,Ireland

Listen to the Father Michael Hurley, to show us his experience on parish cells system.
I have always been interested in evangelisation and wanting people to share a deeper faith.
In Rome I heard Don PiGi speaking in 1989 about small parish cells of evangelisation and I told myself that’s an ideal way of bringing people to reflect on the everyday issues of life in terms of God’s love for them…

A new change in direction…

I went to Milan in June 1990 and then started the cell system in my parish.
It was a new change in direction.
I began with a change myself…… It gave me a confidence in faith and confidence in expressing it.
People were coming to me asking questions about their relationship to God……
People understood they were church….. They began to volunteer their time,their prayer, their energy. They offered their services for the benefit of the parish. Many young people volunteered too.
They were all taking on faith , becoming parish, becoming church, training themselves , sharing with each other and becoming disciples.
People took sense that they were church.
The system translates into every single parish, every single culture. It is tailored to be adapted by any parish.
It may change many aspects of many parishes.

Father Michael Hurley