Evangelii Nuntiandi

« Évangéliser est la grâce et la vocation de l’église, son identité la plus profonde » E. N.

Pope Francis “embraces” the Parish Evangelisation Cells (CPE)

It’s a great feast and very profound the joy in expecting the audience that the Holy Father will grant especially to the “evangelisation cell members” arriving in Rome from the five continents On Saturday september the 5th, at 12.00, Pope Francis will consecrate His person and His words to more than 5000 cell members, arriving from all over the world, who keep in their hearts the deep desire to evangelize, to bring the Good News to those who still do not know it.

The title of His precious speech will be:” The joy of the Gospel is a missionary joy”, so as to underline the concept that the Church should be open, should outreach, should make herself close to every fellow creature. More than 5000 people have registered to meet the 266th successor of Peter in Paul VIth Hall in Vatican City. Many are the countries represented, among them China, Brasil, New Caledonia, Burkina‐Faso, Canada, USA, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland and Poland, for a total of about 1000 foreigners. Italy, obviously, is by far the larger group, they will be around 4000, coming to Rome for this extremely important gathering. Also H.E. Card Stanislaw Rylko, H.E. Card.Francesco Coccopalmerio, H.E. Card. Paolo Romeo, Archbishop of Palermo will participate and Bishop Rino Fisichella , who at 10.00 o’ clock will chair the Holy Mass. The meeting has been strongly wanted by don Pi.Gi. Perini, founder and president of the International Service Structure for the CPE. It has been him in 1986 getting to know the method adopted in Florida by father Michael Eivers, and who remained stroken and evangelized, notwithstanding his many years of priesthood. “From that moment my personal and priestly life has completely changed, a real conversion” says don Pi.Gi., who had always been engaged in outreaching and in trying to gain in the church the absents, the far aways. Even those who have followed and listened him, and they are really many, have seen their lifes changed, receiving the joy of the encounter with our Lord Jesus. A large group of them offer their own life to make Him known , to announce his great and eternal Love for each one of us. The meeting with Pope Francis happens in a very important year for the CPE, which last 12 april, feast of the Divine Mercy, have been definitively recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, who has seen in the Structure and in it’s announcing method, effectiveness and worth for the universal church. “This means that each bishop, who consider the Method a useful one for evangelisation, may adopt it freely in his diocese” ends don Pi.Gi., refering to several points of the Evangeli Gaudium Apostolic Exhortation, in which The Pope underlines the importance for the Church to reinforce the missionary identity of the laity and to emphasize in the priests the consciousness of the need of transforming the parishes in communities burning in faith and evangelisation.