Evangelii Nuntiandi

« Évangéliser est la grâce et la vocation de l’église, son identité la plus profonde » E. N.

Leaders training manual parish cell sistem of evangelization

We herewith present the third edition of the LEADER TRAINING MANUAL, which, like the two preceding editions, is translated directly from the Manual of the Saint Boniface Parish, in Florida, which for many years has profitably experienced the validity of the PARISH EVANGELISM CELL SYSTEM. The translation of the first edition was prepared by Alessandra Rossi, to whom we give our thanks.

This edition attempts to maintain the same, general framework, because we find it extremely valid, given that it is experienced with much attention and participation. From this comes the necessity to avoid new and short cut paths, in order to avoid repeating errors that we, in the past, have committed, and that could have also caused pain to some brothers and sisters. In fact, we are operating on the living tissue of the Church, and on its single brothers and sisters, and we would like to pay much attention to their needs: Jesus gave all his blood for each of them.


The Great Commission 10
Oikos Evangelism 11
The “Bomb”, The Evangelism Process 15
Prayer, and the force of the Holy Spirit 17
The Need for Servants 18
Stress Scale 21
Events that cause Stress 22
Bible study - 1 and 2 … p. 24
Oikos List 26


Evangelization Process - “The Bomb” 31
Initiating conversations about Christ 32
Introducing Christ into the conversation 33
Four ways of sharing Christ 35
Classroom Study 36
Bible study - 1 and 2 37
Role Playing 39


The Great Commission 44
Shifting gears / Changing focus 46
Order of Events in Spiritual Growth 47
Approaches to answering common complaints about the Church 48
Dealing with rejection 51
Attitude Survey 53
Bible study - 1 and 2 55


Formation and development of a Cell 60
System Reasons for developing Cell groups 61
What is a Cell? 63
Who can lead a Cell? 64
The co-Leader 66
The Size of Cells 66
Duration of Cell Meetings 66
Formation of initial Cells 66
Growth of a Cell 67
General Principles of Cells 67
Basic Strategy of a Cell 68
The Advantages of the Cell 69
The seven Objectives of the Cell 71
When the Cell meets: The seven moments 74
The Responsibility of the Cell Group Leaders 76
Ten Commandments for the Leader 77
The Cell group Recipe 78
Prepare the Environment 79
What does a Cell look like? 80
Praise (through Song) 81
Sharing 82
Prayer 83
Guide to spontaneous Prayer 84
Bible study - 1 and 2 86


Leading a small Group 91
Common errors in leading small group discussion 92
Roles people play 93
Characteristics of maturity 94
Handling Problems 95
Shepherding 97
Crisis Counseling 100
You can help your Neighbour 102
Bible study - 1,2,3,4 103


Discipleship 110
Who is the Disciple of Jesus? 110
The Philosophy of the Ministry 111
Cell Groups and the making of Disciples 112
The twelve principles of Discipleship 112
Bible study - 1,2,3,4,5 116