Lay dicastery honours parish-based evangelization system

Rome on Friday, May 29th

The Parish Cells of Evangelization system, introduced in Europe in 1985 by Don Pigi Perini, parish priest of St. Eustorgio parish in Milan, was honoured in Rome on Friday, May 29th by the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

Bishop Joseph Clemens, who presided at the ceremony, spoke of the significance of this ministry for the Church.

Bishop Clemens: “For me, the pontifical recognition is like a pause. We stop and, in a way, the Church welcomes the charism – this path and method, this way of evangelization. It’s a moment of reflection and, as well, of acceptance. That is to say that the Church welcomes this as a good, just path that we can travel on. And it gives a new impetus to the movement, or new initiative to continue the journey.

The lay people who compose these cells meet each other weekly and invite friends to participate, where they listen to an audio recording of a formation talk by the parish priest. Don Pigi, president of the international organization of the Parish Cells of Evangelization, believes that this method of evangelization will now find a wider audience in the Church.

Don Pigi: “This recognition from the Pontifical Council for the Laity shows that this work is not mine, rather, that it belongs to Church. The Church has made it her own and proposes it, paving the way for the bishops and pastors. And one hopes that this will bear much fruit.”

According to Fr. Arnaud Adrien, French director of the system, this official recognition is an invitation to promote this dynamic ministry.

Fr. Adrien: “This particular recognition from the Pontifical Council sends us forth to all the nations and we have a great task ahead of communication and invitation to get to know this method that deeply renews parishes.”

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